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We are sailingdiary, We gave up our day jobs, left the UK. for a life of adventure in the Americas. It was our intention to travel for a year then return. This proved to be optomistic for many reasons, mainly there was too much to do. With meeting people, going to places and fixing the boat. 'Marie' had been brought down from the States by myself previously, when after a couple of years the owner moving from the Rio Dulce Guatemala could not take her and offered her to me. Our vessel is a 33 foot long GRP sloop, with a spade rudder and deep fin keel. This has proven useful when sailing upwind as most of our destinations are to windward. There is a 22 hp Universal engine (marinised Kubota.) and various electronics which we brought from the uk, including n 'ICOM 706 Mk 2G' for Ham radio communications and receiving our weather fax. A Gibb Haslar Windvane was fitted which works moderately well considering it is museum piece. We have spent time in Belize, Honduras, Mexico, Panama including the San Blas, Panama Canal, Colombia the United States of America and Canada!. I have recently crossed the Atlantic helping a friend bring his 'Ovni 385' from Brittany to Guadeloupe across Biscay in March!

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North,South and Central America.